Leadership Team

Tracy Pizzoferrato - CFO

Tracy has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is currently finalizing a master’s degree in accounting. She has been with Osceola Gold since it started and has worked over 20 years with working experience in accounting and office management. She spent 21 years in Las Vegas where she got married and started a family. In 2014, she moved to eastern Ohio to be closer to her family.

Lee DeCesare - Operations Manager

Lee was born and raised in Eastern Ohio. He has been in the same area his whole life. He is incredibly involved in his community and helping those around him with projects that they may be working on. Lee is a great person to oversee our operation coming in with good personal relationships with the employees and a great eye for detail. He is fiscally responsible with how to get the job done quickly, efficiently all while being cost-conscious. He has been involved in Mary Ann Canyon for over 10 years. He has explored, excavated, and extracted from this area with confidence and reliability. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and get in to help with what needs to be done.

Carmen DeCesare - Director of Safety and Government Compliance

Carmen was born and raised in Eastern Ohio. When he was 23 he moved to Florida where he served in retail for 10 years. Soon after he met his wife Kathy who brought him, two great children. He found his passion in marketing for a Michigan manufacturer. Then his wife Kathy and he built a strong sales organization with nine outlets throughout Florida.